Hardware in Forged Iron Hardware online  

Pyramid knocker 6" ring. 

Pyramid knocker 4" ring. 

Twisted bean pull 1"  twisted bar 

Marmaid tail door pull 1" solid square bar

Jumbo clavos 1 1/2"  diameter

Hardware in Forged Iron for Decoration on Doors and Gates.

Hand Forged 

Antique Tradition

Chiseled door pulls 10" and 6"  long.    3" ring. 

Hammered pyramid knocker 6" ring. 

Hammered pyramid knocker 4" ring. 

Functional Arrow Hinges 12"  long 

Square surface slide bolts 

Fish tail pulls with escutcheon

1/2" square bar

Grill bars with 1/2" twisted iron 

Grill bars 3/8" 

Flat and curled tip with clavos

Twin little ball door pull.  

Twin fish tail door pull.  

Mustache door pull.

​14"  Long 

Functional Round tip Hinges 12"  long 

Functional Leaf tip Hinges 12"  long 

Large grill bar for top of door

Jumbo fish tail pull with escutcheon  and  1"  solid square bar

Grill bars with flat bars

and clavos